The RubySlippers Push

The RubySlippers Push

I meant to type up a few blog posts last week, but my arms hurt so much that I just couldn’t get it done. Although I’ve blogged about my sessions with RubySlippers in the past, somehow I did not remember nor expect it to be so painful.

The problem with going back to training with someone who has trained you before is that they know exactly what you’re capable of. So when she goes around the group asking people if the weight on their bar is ok for them, and offering to take some weight off if it’s too heavy…that offer somehow never makes it’s way to me.

Usually I get offered more weight on my bar ;( So unfair! Like she says, this is what happens when one slack off and does Zumba instead of weight training. I don’t particularly like group training because sometimes I find it takes a while to get things started and then it just seems to be never ending. Scheduling is also a pain! Getting 8 people to agree on a time and day that works for everyone is a challenge in it of itself. Made even more painful by the fact that Rubyslippers is trying to get 8 girls to agree. It’s like a “Mean Girls”(as in the movie) microcosm.

It’s not all bad though. Once things get started and I start dying, I forget I’m in a group. Pain makes me focus on me only. It’s like everyone else disappears and all I can feel is the ache in my body and sweat dripping down my face. Off course there’s the ever encouraging RubySlippers comments like “Is that even a real push-up?” or “what is that?”, “You call that a squat?”, “seriously?”, “friends?”, and of course “we’re gonna have so much fun, it’ll be good”…but it’s all lies! Lies I tell you! Because although I know it’s good for me, it’s not fun, and it hurts 😦

I only wish that wave of pain made an appearance each time I reached for something I shouldn’t be eating. That might be helpful, but it never happens because memory it seems is selective. To help me be accountable, RubySlippers has given me homework. I am to write down everything I eat. Not fun at all. But it might work, because I think twice about eating something, especially if it’s something like Popeyes Chicken which will undoubtedly earn me extra burpees if she sees it on my food log.

But enough about me and food. Let’s move on to the 1 Minute RubySlippers Special of the week:
1 Minute each, as many reps as you can for time
– Jump Squats
– Push Press
– Thrusters
– Push-ups
– Sit-ups
– Burpees (why? Why? WHY????)

So the first 6 minutes were a shock to my system. I could hear in the distance people saying they might puke, pass-out, wipe-out etc…then it all just became a jumble of incoherent words. My body was crying out, my lungs were on fire, my arms and legs shaking…and my mind was trying to keep it together. Repeating one thing over and over: “You’ve got this!”.

At the end we compared results, and although I’m not super competitive, and definitely not the fittest looking person in our group, it was a nice feeling knowing that I had powered through the most burpees in 1 minute. Truth be told, it made this group thing slightly more interesting. I will be the first one to tell you to compete against yourself and not worry about how much others around you are doing.  However if some of these girls are responsible for me being stuck with a 7pm group workout time on a Friday night, then I have only one thing to say…sheldonitson


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