Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I’ve been a little broken. You see our little group training is taking things to a new level. Now it seems RubySlippers (A.K.A evilminionpumps) Has decided to enforce her no talking rule. To be honest, it’s a great rule, it takes out the valley-girl noise and food talk from the background and leaves me more time to judge in silence. But, no seriously, when people stop talking and start training hard, it allows me to focus on me. I can self-talk (in my head), and tell myself I’ll survive, because as those motivation feel good pics I like to share say: “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” Eventually you’ll get through it.

Now, if only RubySlippers could enforce a No-Farting rule, then, this group workout thing would be much better. Unfortunately, as good a trainer as she is, she can kick asses into shape but she can’t control what comes out of them :sick: I should ask RubySlippers if we can vote them off the training island…or get them a warning shirt.nofart2

Seriously though, if you know you’re coming to a group workout, and you know some stuff you eat makes you gassy, be considerate and don’t eat it that day! In all honesty farting can happen to anyone, and we would understand if it was a health issue. But when you know it’s you and what you eat and you laugh about it, then it’s not funny at all. Be considerate, take it to the corner, or take a few minutes to yourself in the bathroom. I’m not kidding when your team mates are already feeling pucky from the workout, your farting might push them over the edge…as in you’re getting Pitch Perfect puked on soon!

All ranting aside, I’m still glad I decided to get back to training with RubySlippers, even if it’s group training. I missed having someone else push me to train hard and way beyond my comfort zone. It also helps that I trust she knows I CAN do what she asks me to do, and that she doesn’t let me wimp out before even trying. To an outsider her style might seem a little harsh. I can see how you could get the wrong idea of her style if you don’t know us and overhear lines from walking dead, breaking bad, mean girls and other slightly inappropriate shows and movies being quoted. But for the most part it’s all in good fun, and she can take what she dishes out, so it’s pretty win-win. Our training sessions might contain a lot not so politically-correct chats, but there’s a great deal of respect and that’s what really matters.

Respect however, also means that she respects your ability to do the work she asks you to. Like she says, don’t cheat because you’re only cheating yourself. So to push us a little harder, she decided to bring a new girl to our workout this week.

So without further ado, I present to you Chrissy:
Burpee tuck jump
Kb swings

Note that although RubySlippers offered the modified version (sub jump squats for burpees), it did not help make Chrissy any easier.

Post-Workout Thoughts: #death #Ifeltbrokenallweek #H8butLuvChrissy #lungsOnfire #NotsureifIluvorloatheRubySlippers

My Challenge to you:
If you’re all that, do a full Chrissy WOD
If you want to be all that, try the modified Chrissy. If you can’t do all of it, no worries keep trying. Try a few swings and/or burpees a day, until you work your way up to the full WOD (workout of the day). I’ll leave you with that homework for the next 5 weeks, let’s see how strong you can get your body by then 😉

Whenever you think of quitting, DON’T! Because it’s like RubySlippers says: “You’ve got this!” so keep going!


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