Echos through the years

Echos through the years

Birthdays…so bittersweet. I had such a great day yesterday, that I almost forgot to think of you…It dawned on me that I have lived over three decades now and still I know so little. But for all my shortcomings, I have and continue to know love and kindness.

You may no longer be here, but what I learned from you will continue to echo through the years, even long after I am gone…

To you, whom I once knew, who I loved, admired, with whom I laughed, cried, climbed walls, mountains, held hands, colored outside the lines, cheated at UNO, stared up at the stars, jumped off from chairs, sat in silence and learned lessons that no textbook will ever teach me, I say thank you.

Please forgive me for wasting the time and potential you saw in me. Forgive me for wallowing in self pity for so long. Forgive me for not embracing the life you fought so hard to keep. Forgive me for not honoring the memory that is you…

As I type away, the people who love me most in this world wait to celebrate the fact that I am here. Such a simple concept. I often find myself wondering what it is that makes people love us in spite of all our flaws. It’s kind of magic and rare really. Love is the real unicorn in the room. It’s that thing that keeps us together. A smile, a hug, a text, a call, a note, a hello for no reason at all…all little testaments of love ❤

So simple, yet so ephemeral. For all my absentmindedness know that thanks to you there is never absent-hearted-ness here. So in a few minutes when I walk up those stairs and get ready to celebrate one more year of being just me…I will also be celebrating you.

You, all the wonderful people I was privileged to know before your journeys on this world were cut short too soon. You my friends and loved ones who don’t get to Skype me at midnight to wish me a happy birthday anymore. You whose number I can still recite off by heart, but who now are in a better place, yet still make me smile when I hear that stupid song you use to sing so horribly. You who no longer have birthdays, and who are missed by so many…there’s a few of you up there now, so do me another little favor will you? Give my Guardian Angel a hand on keeping me out of trouble, it seems I am a handful at time 😉

I still suspect he purposely blinked to miss that moment before I broke my leg. Longest 5 weeks of my life!

But I digress…and apologize to those of you who read my blog and were expecting a workout related post. I did have a great pre-bday workout on Saturday and will likely post it at some point, but not today. I even climbed a wall with AG and walked in thigh deep snow and across some tracks on our way to get a very delicious meal…this winter workout though I might not elaborate on because my writing skills would not do justice to such and epic adventure #livingontheedge 😉

It’s getting late, birthday feast and cake await. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being you. Never forget that you have the power of being kind to someone. Let love and kindness be your legacy in this world, let it too echo through the years.

To my living friends, thank you for sticking around this long, I luv u guys!!!! To the friends I have yet to meet, I can’t wait to beat you at UNO, Jenga, Monopoly and who knows maybe even at a burpee challenge…uh I mean can’t wait to meet you, darn auto-correct LOL! 😉

P.S. Let’s keep moving, let’s keep breathing, but most importantly let’s start LIVING!


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