Ground Rules

TrooperliftingSo it’s back to real workouts with Rubbyslippers this week, and we are venturing into olympic lifting.

It looks simple enough, and she says I should be able to do it because I have strong legs. So on our first attempt, I realized that it isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a lot of technique behind it, and I’m over-thinking it as much as I over-think parking which seems to be the easiest thing in the world for everyone but me.

So we practiced the initial lift, then the shrug and then the next part was a #fail! As frustrated and angry as I was at not being able to get it right, it was nice to have RubbySlippers be so calm and encouraging about it all.

Her advice was for me to keep practicing until I got it right, and to keep it to single sets because it’s easy to overdo it. I have to say that this olympic lifting venture will put all my anger management skills to the test, because I may look ok on the outside (and by ok I mean like I’m dying of exhaustion), but on the inside there’s a full on nerd-rage going on. Like a Hulk style tantrum, but like a five-foot-nothing little Hulk. Hopefully I’ll keep it all contained until I can actually do a real clean lift.

I have to say that I was also surprised that I actually did sweat just from lifting the bar which is only 45 lbs, so I guess 45 lbs plus anger kinda work for me 😎

Now A.G’s wedding is in 8 days and I can’t wait! I think we’ll all have such an amazing time, and it will be nice not to worry about schedules and all the responsibilities of the grown-up world. Aww Freedom!

One thing I love about going on vacation is that although it’s rest time, I find that I’m always on the go. Whether it’s swimming around in the pool or with some dolphins there’s always something going on, so I don’t feel like I’m just laying around. Although, trust me, there is also plenty of lounging around time to be had.

Although I’m still a good 20 lbs from my ideal weigh goal, I have to say that I’m happy I haven’t given up on myself, and I’ve still got some juice left to keep at it. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Remember that even if you’ve fallen off the healthy wagon a million times, you can still get back on, because it’s like RubySlippers says: “You’ve got this!”


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