So much has changed since my last post, that I’m not even sure what to type.  I could tell you all about my journey, but I feel like looking back is not the best thing for me right now…Lewis Caroll said it best:  “But it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”.  Which is true, not only for me, but for you as well. 

Every day changes us, and every new day gives us an opportunity to change ourselves.  Change comes in so many shapes and forms.  For some the main focus is physical.  We call it fitness and we focus on it, and this is a good thing, as long as we don’t lose sight of everything else around us.  Because, more than just fitness, what we need is Wellness. 

Unlike fitness, wellness, requires us to take a long hard look at what lies beyond the looking glass, and deep within.  In my case it took trying to discipline my body to admit to myself that there are other aspects of my life that I have to get back on track with.  When you workout, people who train you always tell you to listen to your body, but unless you’re into yoga, nobody really talks about your mind.  If your mind is as busy as mine trying to keep everything together, juggling all the responsibilities that come with this little thing called adulthood, can be rather exhausting. 

Which is why we have to be careful not to forget to balance things out.  For me this means shifting my focus from fitness to wellness and trying to find that mind-body balance…and off course dealing with this tendency I have of being a workaholic when I’m doing something I truly enjoy, which lately is most of the time. 

My approach to life may be different now than it was a year ago, but my goal of getting better is still the same.  I’m ready to try new things and move forward, and to my surprise quitting is not an option in my mind anymore.  Which is a pretty big deal for me, and brings this new feeling of “unstuck-ness” for which I should thank a number of people in my life, like my friends & family who support me unconditionally.  You for reading my posts, for the likes & follows that are more encouraging than you will ever know.  And of course RubbySlippers, for being blunt, genuine and not letting me get away with minimum effort (commonly known as half-assing stuff).   But mostly for the “You`ve got this“ which may have started as a joke and somehow turned into a mantra…because, I`ve got this! 

I`m not quite sure which road I`ll take to where I`m going, but now that I`m back from my little hiatus, I`ll be sure to keep you posted.  I know that there will be countless bends in the road ahead, still, I’m curious to see where it will lead.






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