The Giver

colorappleYears ago, I read The Giver.  It reminded me of 1984, Utopia, and Plato’s Republic, and it made me wonder if the Receiver of memory chose the right path.  Since then, many things have happened in my life.  I’ve traveled, I’ve lived, I’ve loved and I’ve seen how beautiful life can be for some, and how incredibly cruel it can be to others.  Thoughts of the latter still haunt me… I’ve never known hunger, and aside from history books and television I have no memory of war, but I’ve seen the turmoil it leaves behind long after peace treaties are signed.  I’ve lived in a gang-infested country, where people live in constant fear, and hunger drives people to things we can’t even fathom.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why there is such disparity, and part of me almost wishes we could all live in “sameness” and fairytale happiness. 

Still, one look at the news and I can tell that our global village is still light years away from peace and the opportunity for everyone to have all the freedoms and opportunities we have and sometimes take for granted.  Although the movie is but a shadow of the book, it still managed to shed some perspective on my first world problems.  Which, truth be told, seem trivial in comparison to what people around the world endure.  So as you go through your day remind yourself that you have freedom of choice, and make sure your choices count for something…Choose to be happy, choose to be kind, choose to do good and choose to get better 🙂   

problems in a pile





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