Happy Friday!

Hey, I know I’ve been away for a while, but I’m coming back.  I took a tumble off the healthy wagon and it’s taken me some time to decide to get back at it.  I have a really great group cheering me on and new friends who are making healthier choices and turning their lives around.  So I’ve decided to tag along for the new ride.

It won’t be easy, and we all know it.  It’s just so easy to fall back into bad habits, but as I’ve said before, nothing changes if nothing changes.  I’ve personally reached a point of feeling uncomfortable in my current clothes.  My suits are too snug and although they fit, the fit isn’t what it should be.  And as a good friend of mine says:  “Just because you fit in something, doesn’t mean you should wear it”.  Which I have to say is very true.

I’ve worked out twice this week, which is not enough, considering what I’ve  been eating lately.  However, it is better than being a tv zombie.  Which gives me an idea for my Halloween costume 😉

Well, here’s to getting back to the grind,and to borrow John Cena’s hashtag #NeverGiveUp!

So Happy Friday fellow Cookiefiends!  Let’s be thankful for this day & all the possibilities for positive changes it holds 🙂


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