imacookiefiend returns

Hello everyone! It seems like forever since my last post. I had given up on blogging because my life has been a little chaotic for the last few months and it seemed like I just didn’t have time to do anything really for myself.

I’ve been trying very hard to make myself actually do things like go to birthday parties when I don’t really feel like leaving the house and go to movies and brunches but I haven’t quite managed to make myself go to the gym.

I think in part it’s because things have been so busy that once I get home I just want to hangout with my Landshark a.k.a german shepherd who is also a cookie fiend.

The great thing about her is that she gets me out of the house and takes me on long walks. I joke that she was my coach and got me to go from couch potato to 5k road race finisher last month, but it’s true.

Although she is still rambunctious and a little unruly on walks she loves being outside and is happier when she is active. Taking her on long walks helps keep her out of mischief and also helps keep shoes and furniture intact.

She will be turning 2 in just a few months and is still just a big fluffy puppy with so much energy and love.

When there is so much craziness in the world, she reminds me of how important it is to do good if only to be deserving of a fraction of all the love she shares with me and all her humans everyday.

Whatever journey you’re on, keep at it because you’ll come out stronger in the end.

Thanks for reading!



10 Reasons why you should change

As a child of the 80’s I’m so lucky to have seen so much already, and look forward to owning a car that drives itself one day.  I can still remember the euphoria of getting our first NES, our first computer, my first cell phone.  I can also remember doing math in my head, and a time where I didn’t doubt the math I had just done in my head or felt compelled to double-check it on my phone’s calculator.  I remember knowing so many phone numbers by heart, and now I second guess my own phone number, because it’s easier to exchange emails.

I also remember the clarity of knowing that there was so much to do in a day and that I couldn’t wait to get up and get started.  I took a little break-in between graduating from University in a first world country and took the road less traveled and went back to where my story started.  A country recovering from years of war, civil war at that, and earthquakes that took so many more lives.  A place where violence and fear are palpable and hope is slowly dwindling in the hearts of those who’ve stayed behind to rebuild a country whose beaches, mountains and country side beauty can leave you in awe and for a moment make you forget all evils.

It was truly an education no university could ever impart on me.  It was the real world my parents worked so hard to shelter me from and there I was looking at it all, wondering what I had gotten myself into.  No one thought I could last more than I month, to be honest I doubted myself too at first, but that flicker of self-doubt just strengthened my resolve to power through it.  I decided that since I looked like everyone else there, I would just blend in and live like everyone else.  Except that I was told that this was just a very western way of thinking, a north american romantic idea.  The simple fact that I was there by choice, wanting to stay in a country where everyone and their cousin wants to leave really meant that I could never be just like everyone else.

But there really isn’t a norm in a place where the socioeconomic gaps is so abysmal between those who have and have not, and once I learnt this, I realized that I had to make my own path in spite of not  really knowing  what that meant.  It’s ironic that I would be so “foreign” and out-of-place in the very place that saw me take my first breath and where more than once I felt I would take my last.  But my heart was fearless, although perhaps it was simply the recklessness of youth.

I thought I knew everything in my twenties and of course had the brilliant idea that blending-in meant eating like locals and so in my first three months in the country I lost a little over 30 pounds, because my stomach disagreed with everything I ate.  So you can imagine the shock on my first visit home.

It was an unhealthy weight loss to say  the least and my mom was worried.  I was too, but after my short visit I got back on that plane and returned on my journey, after all I had a world to change.  When I look back at photos of that time it almost feels surreal.  I still have a pair of jeans from those days and I haven’t tried it on in years because I look at it and don’t think it would go up past my calves let alone my thighs.  But I was sorting through some things and came across it earlier today and albeit it made me regret the Dr.Pepper and KFC I had earlier it also reminded me that there was a big reason why I lived a decade of my life trying to change things so far away.

Part of it was to help others, but a big part of it was to help myself.  To find myself and prove to myself that I could look at that big brave new world and stand up to it on my own two feet.  So really it was mostly about me, and as selfish as that may seem to some, it really is the best reason to do something.  Because doing something for you, and working hard to better yourself is the best way to help others.  Even airlines know this, and that’s why they ask that in the event of an emergency you fight your instinct to be a hero and put your oxygen mask on first, before you try to put one on others including your children.  Because what help would you be to them if you couldn’t breathe and passed out?

Somewhere along the way we lose sight of so much.  We become obsessed about helping others and forget to help ourselves.  We become selfless and forget that it’s ok to be a little selfishly authentic too.  It’s ok to want some me time.  It’s ok to want to do something just for you because you have to live with you everyday, so why not love you and try to be a better happier version of you everyday?

So unlike all those posts where we’re given the top 10 reasons to change, I am given you just one.  You.  Change what makes you unhappy for You.  Don’t blame others, let go of grudges, don’t blame the system, politics, that kid in 5th grade who broke your art project, just let it go and bet on you.

They say life’s a gamble and once again I’m all in.  Signing off a little later than expected at 23:23 EST, good night world, I’ll see you on day one of 4:30 AM.

The Truth

Well, it’s been a while and truth be told there are a lot of cookie crumbs behind my absence. I promised myself when I first started this blog that it would be a tool to keep me accountable, but also honest about my journey.

And, let me tell you my journey has winding roads and curves…sometimes more curves than I would like, but at the end of the day this is something no one else can do for me.  People can encourage, motivate, and even scare me into working out and getting better, but it will never be a lasting change until I find something that works for me and I embrace it for me, not for anyone else, but simply for me.

This business of being a carbo-holic, addicted to the deliciousness of breads and all the deliciousness of food, really is hard to kick to the curb.  Some of you know this all too well.  It’s that ephemeral taste of happiness as you sip on an ice cold Coca Cola on a hot summer day, the anticipation before the first sip of that heavenly Slurpee, the tingling of your taste buds before you take the first bite of a sinfully delicious slice of cake…just the thought of that frosting…  And of course for those of us who struggle with out weight there is always that mental battle and the bout of self-loathing that follows that clandestine cheeseburger or the Taco Bell order you may or may not have secretly eaten in your car before heading home.

Then comes that moment anyone waging this battle with weight fears most of all.  You know what it is right?  Is that frightful moment when your jeans no longer fit, when you have to move up a size in yoga pants, or when places like the overpriced Lululemon just doesn’t cater to your size anymore.

Of course that’s when you have one of two choice.  One, you can level up in pant size(S) or two you can do something about it.  If you pick option one and you are still comfortable with yourself then that’s ok.  As long as you are comfortable in your own skin and make sure you are regularly checking with your doctor to ensure your habits are not putting you at risk for health issues later on.

If you’re an option two kind of cookiefiend, then that’s good too, just make sure you’re doing it for you.  Because you deserve it.  You deserve to get back up from your fall of the health train and because you want to go back to being comfortable in your own skin.  Also, it feels nice to be fit and make a conscientious choice shop or not to shop at Lulu’s anyway because maybe with a little work and effort on your part your petite body frame can get back to looking pretty darn good in non-see-through Under Armour, “““target or any other brand you choose to wear 🙂

Some Cookiefiends are awesome at this they just focus, and get crazy fast results, other like me tend to be a little slower at this because giving up cookies is as fun as doing burpees.  But, summer is hear, and what better time to get active and moving.

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the ideal you, the you you want to be, then think of all the things you want to do and places you want to see, and people you want to be around.  Your friends, your family, your friends’ super active baby twins you want to run around with and chase seagulls on the beach with, they can all be motivators in your life.

And don’t worry if you don’t have anyone around who is supportive of your journey to a healthier you, because the beauty of this day and age is that we’re all connected in some way, and if you ask, I am sure that more than one other fellow Cookiefiend will send kind thoughts and positive energy out into the universe for you.

We’re in this together, so let’s get back to it and get moving.  Remember it doesn’t have to be a crazy workout, you can start with a walk if you have a safe place to do so.  Or maybe you just do a few squats at home, a push-up or a plank and build up from there.

Also, don’t beat yourself up about where you are right now, instead use that energy to do one more push-up or a few more seconds on that plank so that Tomorrow You is proud of Yesterday You for making You better each day.

Well that’s it for tonight.  Being a night owl, I am starting this new challenge on Monday of getting up at 4:30 am for 21 days…it’s crazy I know! But it also means I have to challenge myself to get to sleep early and who knows, I might find the time to workout I keep telling myself I don’t have.

I’ll keep you posted on my 21 day challenge. I literally will since my sleep and wake-up time log starts on Sunday night…




Sometimes you just need a break from all the noise of life.  And if the planets align that break needing moment falls on a day where you have enough points for a free movie 🎬

I don’t know about you but I grew up watching Are You Afraid Of The Dark and reading Goosebumps. I still geek out when I see meteorologist Ross Hull on the News 🙈.  So of course the Goosebumps movie with Jack Black has been on my to do list since it came out.  So Scene card in hand I decided to check it off my list.

I wasn’t sure about Jack Black in an R.L.Stine movie, but I have to hand it to him, he pleasantly surprised me.  This movie brought memories of those early years, free of all the things that sometimes keep my “adultish” mind awake at night.  Back then, reading under the covers with a flashlight way past my bedtime was its own adventure. 😊  It made me think that perhaps it’s time to take a break and get back to enjoying all those things we tell ourselves we’re too busy or too grown-up to do.

Mind you I had a tour of a facility the other day and got to get into a ball pit with some colleagues, and I have to say I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages.  Well except for that one day when on of AG’s twins started giggling and gleefully shrieking when her favorite show came on.  Priceless!!!

Aww those twin babies and their beautiful smiles melt my heart.  Drool and all they too remind me that amidst all the chaos that is life, we have to take a moment to enjoy what really matters.

So as we move forward on this little life adventure, make sure to pencil yourself into your own busy schedule.  And if you’re fortunate enough to have a friend like AG who has the most adorable baby twins, get them to pencil you into their busy schedule for baby smiles and giggles 😊😊

Tis the season…

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post.  Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately and I have also fallen off the health train.  As some of you know, RubbySlippers moved away and I sort of lost my way to going to the gym regularly.

That’s the thing with workouts and routines, it’s so easy to make excuses and fall back into unhealthy patterns, but getting back to it can be a challenge.  Just for fun I tried doing burpees today. I’ve never liked burpees, and honestly don’t think anyone does, but being able to do them is always a nice feeling.  One that I did not experience today as I don’t think any of the under 10 I did could really be called burpees :/

After today’s health reality check, I’m thinking that it’s time to get moving again.  I no longer have a gym membership, and as Christmas approaches with all its merry cheer and sinfully delicious treats, I know it’s really time for me to find ways being more active or I’ll be asking Santa for some bigger pants this Christmas.

So what’s next for this cookie fiends who secretly wants Halloween to be over so Christmas cookies can start rolling out in stores near me?  Well first, I need to walk more so I’ll be using my Garmin Vivo Fit less as a watch and more as the step counting tool it is designed to be.  Hopefully I can still actually walk at least 10 000 steps daily.  Plus, since I’m no longer investing in a gym membership, I’ve signed up to try curling through a local sports and rec program in my city.

They say that life begins where your comfort zone ends, so I’m guessing there will be lots of life to live because curling is definitely outside my comfort zone lol!  stock-photo-a-two-curling-stone-on-the-ice-of-a-curling-rink-330038837

With lots of work travel ahead, and lots of candy and all sorts of holiday treats that the season brings, I hope you’ll join me or cheer me on as I give this health journey another shot.

If you’re on this road to a healthier you, just remember how important it is not to give up on yourself, EVER!

Vivofit by Garmin

Hello, it’s been a while.  So much has happened since my last post that I really don’t know where to start.  RubbySlippers is off to another adventure and has once again left the gym.  I can still count on her to tell text me supportive messages like “Give up your five-year-old sugary cereals” and “you’ve got this”, but of course it’s not the same as having her around to keep me on the straight and narrow path of fitness…The struggle is real.

Since RubbySlippers is no longer around, and since I no longer have a gym membership, I’ve decided to finally put my Vivofit by Garmin to good use.  I’ve had it for a while but to be honest up until now, it’s mainly served as a watch.  But this week I’m setting new goals, one of which is to actually start ranking in their step challenges.  Looking back on the last few month of the app, one thing stands out from all the graphs…and although it’s something my clothes have been screaming for a while, seeing the numbers really makes me realize that I need to get moving.  It’s especially troubling that on a daily basis I don’t really even get 10 000.  This wouldn’t be so bad if I were making better food choices, but since I haven’t been for a while, it just makes matters worst.

But like Dr. Oz says, your GPS doesn’t berate you if you make a wrong turn, so you shouldn’t berate yourself either.  Instead, adjust your course and get back on track.  So here is my personal challenge for the next month:

1-  At least 10 000 Daily Steps on my Vivofit

2-  Make my own breakfast each morning

3-  Drink more water

4- Create a healthy portioned snack bin for home and for the office to keep cravings at bay

5- Join a local rec sports league

Other than bubble soccer and my 10Km the past April, I haven’t been very active, so I know I have to get back to making small but sustainable changes…and yes, gradually work in some burpees into the mix.

I know it will take time, and it won’t be easy, but I also know first hand how great it feels to feel comfortable in your own skin, and not out of breath after a flight of stairs.  So it’s back to basics for me and I’m counting on the Vivofit community to keep me challenged and accountable.

Thanks for reading and being part of this cookie fiend’s journey!

Until next time

Captain’s Log Stardate 0127.15

Happy New Year imacookiefiend followers, it’s been a while.  I promised myself when I first started this blog that I would be honest with myself.  That isn’t always easy, but here goes.  I have been on a bit of a downward spiral for the last few months with regards to my health trek, and now it’s time for me to admit that I need to get back to it.

Re-starting is never easy, but I have reached a point where I feel uncomfortable in my own clothes which means that I can either start buying bigger size clothes or get back to working out.  Although I know what I need to do (ie. workout) I feel as if I’m venturing into new uncharted territories…to be honest I’m dreading it.

As some of you might know last year I ran my first 5K, which surprised everyone including myself since I do not run.  Now with the weight that has slowly creeped up on me, I can’t quite run more than a few minutes, which is a little sad.  So I have decided to give running another shot or at least go through the Couch to 5K training program once more.

After a short run today, I can tell you that it’s not going to be fun.  Still road races will begin in April, and since nothing changes if nothing changes, then I need to change if I want to get back to a healthy weight.

I am cautiously optimistic about my  journey towards a new goal, and hope that if you’re struggling to stay healthy or have strayed from it you’ll also find it in yourself to get back to the grind 🙂