RubySlippers Says!

I’ve recently started this blog to keep me motivated throughout my adventures in Fitnessland.  The idea was born from a bout of friendly banter between my trainer and I, when she mentioned that she was thinking about setting up a personal training Facebook account so that her clients could keep in touch, refer people and post testimonials which would also help encourage prospective clients.  Initially this was a “nice” conversation and I thought it was a great idea, and was a little surprised she didn’t already have one.

However, even without one she is already booked all the time and working crazy long hours so word gets around that she’s good.  From then on “normal” went out the window and the conversation down spiraled to silliness and at one point she went into her Janet Jackson impression you know the one where she says: “My first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty”.  It’s a good thing my 300m rows are like little breaks in our training sessions because if you’d been there you would have be dying of laughter with us, and there’s no way I could have done burpees through that.  So when I finally stopped for a rest, and got some oxygen flowing back to my brain, the remainder of our conversation went a little like this:

Me:  So have you thought about the layout for your page?

RubySlippers: What do you mean?

Me:  You know like your bio section, testimonials, FAQ, stuff like that

 RubySlippers: um yeah I’m pro like that! Why?

Me: Well I was wondering if I could add something for you

Rubyslippers:  Yeah fo sho girl you can post your testimonial when I get it up!

Me: *staring blankly at her trying not to laugh*

RubySlippers: you know what I mean bahaha! Don’t look at me like that!

Me: No seriously I was thinking like a new section for people to read

RubySlippers:  Like what?

Me:  Well, you know how you say a lot of stuff, and like boss me around all the time?

RubySlippers: Yeah I told you gurl I own you for our one whole hour

Me: Exactly like that!

RubySlippers:  Like what?

Me:  That’s what I’ll call it!  S#*t my trainer says, bahahahaha!

Rubyslippers:  *Half smiles/smirks, walks closer and calls me something that makes me laugh even harder*

Me: Hold on I should write it down!

RubySlippers:  Yeah, it’s Miss Jackson now! *Laughs and then hands me a much heavier weight*

Me:  Ok, so I might just blog about It then…*grunt* this might be too heavy!

RubySlippers:  Poor Baybeee!  Stop whining you’ve got this!

From then on, the idea just kept fluttering in the back of my mind.  Then a few weeks after my birthday, an old friend was visiting from Switzerland and she happens to be a coffee fiend, so needless to say that our little sightseeing trek had numerous Starbucks stops.  I may or may not have had one cookie too many, and then said “Dude, RubySlippers would make my next workout insane if she saw me right now!”  So my friend did what any good old friend would do and took what was my first Cookie Fiend profile picture with a promise to post it somewhere RubySlippers could see it.  Of course then we laughed and got one more cookie for the road.  On my way back, I thought about my friend’s promise, and decided what the heck, why not blog about it?  Simon has said enough, it’s now time to play some RubySlipper says!


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