imacookiefiend returns

Hello everyone! It seems like forever since my last post. I had given up on blogging because my life has been a little chaotic for the last few months and it seemed like I just didn’t have time to do anything really for myself.

I’ve been trying very hard to make myself actually do things like go to birthday parties when I don’t really feel like leaving the house and go to movies and brunches but I haven’t quite managed to make myself go to the gym.

I think in part it’s because things have been so busy that once I get home I just want to hangout with my Landshark a.k.a german shepherd who is also a cookie fiend.

The great thing about her is that she gets me out of the house and takes me on long walks. I joke that she was my coach and got me to go from couch potato to 5k road race finisher last month, but it’s true.

Although she is still rambunctious and a little unruly on walks she loves being outside and is happier when she is active. Taking her on long walks helps keep her out of mischief and also helps keep shoes and furniture intact.

She will be turning 2 in just a few months and is still just a big fluffy puppy with so much energy and love.

When there is so much craziness in the world, she reminds me of how important it is to do good if only to be deserving of a fraction of all the love she shares with me and all her humans everyday.

Whatever journey you’re on, keep at it because you’ll come out stronger in the end.

Thanks for reading!



Instagram Love

lovesunFinally after my vacation, AG’s vacation and a week or so of rocky health, yesterday we all got to get together and celebrate her engagement.  As a precaution, I made sure to bring my sunglasses along to avoid being blinded by her new shiny rock.

Once I got there, of course there was the celebratory hug and then there was some reading of congrats cards on the mantle and a moment of realization that everyone was only really congratulating AG.  When if we think about it, her now fiance is the one who did the ring shopping for her, which could not have been easy, and the proposing, so really…he’s a great guy and well was pretty happy sipping his beer and being left alone by the sea of not yet engaged girls in the room…

Love was celebrated amidst an array of purple from balloons to cups to flowers to even one of the boys matching the decor.  The best part of it all was that AG didn’t have to do a thing, except well stay cooped up in her room while everyone set everything up so she could have the surprise effect.  Which if you know AG’s OCD-ish ways, well it was a torture and she resorted to taking a million selfies just to survive.

Yesterday’s celebration was almost perfect.  It was just a bunch of friends who love each other very much.  So much so I would say that the invisible line between friends and family is blurred if not completely erased.  Which is a really beautiful thing, because some people never get to experience that in their lifetime.  Yet here it happens on a regular basis because there’s always something or someone to celebrate!

Now when I say almost perfect, I don’t mean that there was anything wrong with the food, the music, the fun…well, maybe just that one time where I was sent to my Not favorite flip-the-cup team so that we could have even numbers to play.  But we lost, so yay! My favorite team still won!!! But I digress, the only thing that made this less than perfect is that one of the guest at the party is totally terrified of dogs.  Which meant that poor adorable Charlie had to be on the balcony for most of the party.

We all tried to reassure her that Charlie wouldn’t hurt anyone because he’s the sweetest biggest dog ever.  But as with most phobias that was not enough, so as people came and went from the balcony to hang out with Charles he would stare through the sliding doors with his big puppy eyes and big white paw on the glass.  Honestly, you had to look away because all that was missing from that scene was a little tear glistening from the corner of those big brown eyes.

Lucky for Charlie, the fearful guest left early and so he was able to rejoin the party.  Being the big fur baby that he is, he went around saying hi to all, trying to get in on the pictures and dancing, and of course following all his snack holding humans in the room with that “what are this?” and “gimme, gimme!”  look on his face.

Video-on-InstagramAnd so came to an end a great night with great friends, good food, Zumba-ish music from the bride-to-be’s playlist, an awkward matchmaking proposition, a dangerously delicious fruit punch, #whitegirlswasted, a competition between The Lisas for #1, a beautiful toast from a tough kick boxing MMA loving boy, and the frightening discovery of Instagram video…My question is, if a picture is already worth a thousand words then why oh why would you need to get it on video???  I’m honestly not sure if I should find it funny or scary.


To my friends The Lisas, after carefull deliberation and tallying of last nights points you are both tied for that coveted #1 spot.  However, if the now sober Lisa A volunteers her dancing Instagram video to this blog, then I’m sorry to say this to you Lisa B but Lisa A would probably win#1… Regardless of the number though you’re both pretty much awesome! So to borrow Lisa A’s catch phrase of the night “play on playa!”

Note 2U:

I know I say this a lot but the best thing you can do for yourself is to choose to be happy!  Find something each day to be thankful for, and keep working hard to make yourself into the best you that you can be!  It won’t happen overnight, but as long as you don’t give up on yourself, you’ll get there!happyface

Also make time for the people who matter in your life and if you need to make time for yourself then be honest about it because those who love you will understand.  Just don’t make up lame excuses because nobody likes being lied to and love only goes so far, until eventually people get tired of your bad excuses and drama and just move on without you…