The Return

Hey Cookiefiends,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  Life got in the way and I let it.  I started making excuses for myself, and I seem to be pretty good at making excuses.

I have also managed to undo all my progress and to be honest if it weren’t for puppy who has finally started going on walks and my slight addiction to PokemonGo I probably would be tipping the scale closer to the 200Lbs mark.  I haven’t weighed myself in a long time, but judging from the size of my jeans and the snugness, I am probably about 50-40Lbs away from that estimate which is not healthy when you’re just under 5′.

Once again I find myself at a crossroad, and although the right choice is easy to spot, the idea of getting started is so daunting.  There is no denying that even the universe is sending me signs, like a great deal on a no commitment gym membership.  A deal I could not pass up, but now have to put to good use.

Wish me luck as I start day 1 of this getting better journey reboot.  I’ve got a few episodes of a fun podcast about friendshipping called feel free to check them out, Jenn & Trin from Cards Against Humanity are not only amazing human being with big hearts, but also super funny 🙂

Good luck on living today to the best of your abilities!





21 Day Challenge: Day 11

Well it’s been a super productive day, unfortunately that means a fair bit of time on my computer.  I still managed to fit in a movie and to catch a Pokemon so not too bad.  Step count for the day is sitting at 5042, so I will need to pick it up tomorrow.

Then I’m headed out-of-town and going to cheer for my friend at her first ever body building show.  Who knows seeing so many fit people may make me want to get working on my fitness.

Also, Ghostbusters, if you haven’t already seen it, you should it exceeded my expectations.  I am not one for reinventing the wheel, but this was funny, and had it’s own storyline, so it’s not trying to be The Ghostbuster movies some of us love, but A Ghostbuster movie we can also enjoy.  If you’ve seen the original ones you’ll get some of the references and catch the 5 cameos.  You may also laugh at parts others don’t quite get, so don’t feel bad if you and your friends happen to be the only ones laughing at a reference while the rest of the movie theater is silent, just own it!  Oh and stay until the very end.

As for me, I’m signing off a little later than usual today, but I’m looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.  Hopefully some more sunshine 🙂

Good night world!  Signing off until day 12.

21 Day Challenge: Day 10

Today’s post is going to be very short.  It’s been a long day and my friend just convinced me to set-up a Pokemon Go account because there’s a Pokemon in my house.  So I’ve gotta run and catch it, if I can ever find a username that is not yet taken.

Step count is 5452, so not my most active, but who knows a walk in the park may be happening tomorrow.

Let’s see if going from Cookiefiend to Pokefiend can get me some more steps tomorrow 🙂

Signing off until day 11!  Good night world!