imacookiefiend returns

Hello everyone! It seems like forever since my last post. I had given up on blogging because my life has been a little chaotic for the last few months and it seemed like I just didn’t have time to do anything really for myself.

I’ve been trying very hard to make myself actually do things like go to birthday parties when I don’t really feel like leaving the house and go to movies and brunches but I haven’t quite managed to make myself go to the gym.

I think in part it’s because things have been so busy that once I get home I just want to hangout with my Landshark a.k.a german shepherd who is also a cookie fiend.

The great thing about her is that she gets me out of the house and takes me on long walks. I joke that she was my coach and got me to go from couch potato to 5k road race finisher last month, but it’s true.

Although she is still rambunctious and a little unruly on walks she loves being outside and is happier when she is active. Taking her on long walks helps keep her out of mischief and also helps keep shoes and furniture intact.

She will be turning 2 in just a few months and is still just a big fluffy puppy with so much energy and love.

When there is so much craziness in the world, she reminds me of how important it is to do good if only to be deserving of a fraction of all the love she shares with me and all her humans everyday.

Whatever journey you’re on, keep at it because you’ll come out stronger in the end.

Thanks for reading!






It’s been a pretty busy week with a few more downs than ups, but at the end of the day, the ups make everything else worth it. I’ve survived my first 5K run and it only took me 34:26 minutes, not bad for someone who doesn’t even run for the bus. I have some amazing friends who sponsored my run and helped me raise money for a great cause which was a great motivator.

My legs were pretty sore for the first few days after the run, but I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is to cross a finish line you thought you’d never reach. Now the idea of a 1/2 marathon is somehow fluttering around my mind, and as crazy at it sounds, it could happen…I’ll keep you all posted if I decide to go for it.

Aside from my struggle with food and my weight creeping back up in the last few months, I’ve had some pretty great cheerleaders. A friend of mine sent me a video of Dr.Oz from a conference of a product. Although the product itself is not for me, the video did have a great message. He said: “Listen, when you’re driving along on the road and you missed your turn, the GPS doesn’t berate you. Right? It says at the next available moment, make an authorized U-turn. What’s the big deal?”

So today after seeing my amazing friend A kicking some MS butt for the 11th year, I decided that Dr. Oz was right. We all know that I’ve been taking a lot of wrong turns when it comes to eating healthy, so now it’s time to make that YOU-turn, and get back to the grind.

So here goes! Stay tuned for updates later this week, until then…May the 4th be with you!!!!!